How long will my order take?

This depends on whether or not we have the specific wig in stock at that moment. If we already have it ready, then we will ship the order out immediately, and it should take around 48 hours from initial order. If we don't have that wig currently on hand, it may take as much as 10 working days from initial order, this can vary from time to time depending on stock availability and lead times in and out of Europe. If there is going to be a very long delay we will keep you updated with your order process. 

I'm Vat exempt, how can I apply for VAT exemption?

Because our Wigs are medical wigs, we are already priced for 0 rated VAT, so you do not need to apply separately for this!

I'm not happy with the colour of my wig, what can I do about this?

Please ensure that you read through all the details of your wig prior to purchase, in addition to all our terms and conditions. Wig colour is consistent, however may look slightly different on the website due to different makes of monitors and mobile phones.
However, we normally don't accept an exchange after the box of the wig has been open, as we need to have a strict return policy due to hygeine reasons.

How do I look after my wig? What products should I use for cleaning?

If you send a request to Nicola, she will send you details on how to properly look after your wig, including cleaning. We also offer our own product range on the website, that have been approved for use across all wigs.

Do I need to wear a wig liner?

A wig liner is normally not required, however this may help the wig feel more comfortable, for example if it feels slightly too big.

Can I use heat on my synthetic hair?

No, you should not use any kind of heat on your synthetic hair, as this can damage the material.